As stipulated by the Memorandum of Understanding between Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy (TUMP) and Yonsei University College of Medicine, Korea, Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy continues organizing collaborative activities. Field Mission of Yonsei Global Health Leadership Course 2016 – 2017 with the participation of staff and students from Yonsei University College of Medicine, Korea, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences and TUMP was successfully established from February 14 to February 17, 2017 in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam.

During the Field Mission, various topics were broached by the local authorities, local health workers, experts from TUMP and participating faculty members. Students and faculties were divided into five groups to carry out the community health diagnosis in a village in the Phu Thuong Commune, Vo Nhai District, Thai Nguyen Province. They were provided with basic medical information derived from the 2016 report of the Phu Thuong community health station. Assisted by the village health workers each group visited the households for interviews about health problems. Based on the collected information, the groups put forward the community diagnosis, identifying amongst other things the commune health problems and implementing solutions. Through the discussions, the students obtained further insights into the community diagnosis and the community intervention. Besides, they got an opportunity to experience different cultures.


The participants successfully reached the goals of the Field Mission as it provided them with a tangible experience in developing countries, eventually preparing them to become future global health leaders who serve the underserved community. Through the Field Mission, the students learned to research medical situations in the country, allowing them to further prepare themselves for further ministry after they become health professionals. Moreover, they had a chance to form relationships with the local people in the country, which is an important part of the proposed network.