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A reliable institution for training high-quality medical and pharmaceutical staff to meet social needs

What attracts students to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Thai Nguyen University (TUMP)? What has made TUMP become a reliable institution for training medical staff who are both morally and professionally competent?

TUMP is situated in the heart of Thai Nguyen city, the third largest training center in the country, 80 km from Hanoi capital. Next to the university is Thai Nguyen National Hospital, the main practice hospital of the University, with over 1,000 beds and modern equipment, providing the best healthcare services for patients, regardless of profession or social class. Other TUMP’s practical facilities are those such as provincial hospitals, with a complete range of specialties, and of patient care, from young to old, with acute and chronic diseases.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy has created opportunities for students to access practical facilities at an early stage, to help them form the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for their future career. We always create favorable conditions, encourage and support our students to participate in social activities and practice life skills.

With the trend of development and international integration, we have moved towards competency-based curricula that meet social needs, guided students to come up with ideas and to build competencies and interests in healthcare, public health, and scientific research in health science. In addition, the university's facilities are modern and synchronous; the learning conditions assure training quality, and the lecture halls, laboratories, simulation rooms, skills laboratory, smart classrooms, and an electronic library are frequently upgraded.

Most importantly, the University has a contingent of competent, dynamic and enthusiastic lecturers and managers in teaching, professional practice, and research guidance. Consequently, the university contributes to improving the quality of life for people in ethnic communities in the Northern Midlands and Mountainous Regions in general and those of Thai Nguyen province in particular. Following their teachers, TUMP students are working hard to become qualified physicians, medical explorers, and leaders in the twenty-first century.

Best regards./.