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1. Personnel

The Faculty consists of 56 officers, lecturers, public servants, specifically:

- 01 Associate Professor;

- 02 Doctors of Philosophy;

- 01 Specialist Pharmacist level II;

- 36 Masters of Science;

- 03 Bachelors;

- 03 Technician, nurses.

2. Teaching responsibilities

Undergraduate training: The Faculty is responsible for training the basic and specialized modules for students of Pharmacy; and a number of modules of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy for students of Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Odonto-Stomalogy, and Nursing.

Graduate training: The Clinical Pharmacology Department participates in training a number of modules in the training program of Resident Doctor, Master, Specialist Pharmacist level I and II

Continuous Medical Education: The Faculty also organizes short-term training courses according to social needs, recently including: updating professional knowledge for pharmacy business practitioners, updating knowledge of clinical pharmacy expertise for health workers at medical examination and treatment establishments.

3. Areas of expertise

The Faculty’s main expertise are:

- Pharmaceutical plants;

- Physicochemical Pharmaceuticals;

- Pharmacology;

- Pharmaceutical Chemistry;

- Pharmaceutical Processing;

- Medicinal Materials;

- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology;

- Pharmaceutical Legal.

Scientific research

Scientific research topics in the field of pharmacy are also taken into account:

+ Develop dosage formulas, research, and prepare traditional remedies into modern medicine forms.

+ Study on plant characteristics, chemical composition, curative effect screening, and standardize medicinal herbs.

+ Evaluate the effectiveness of drugs in clinical practice, analyze the list of medicines for treatment, and analyze the situation of using human resources in the pharmaceutical industry in public health institutes.

+ Evaluate the pharmacological effects of drugs, medicinal herbs, and traditional remedies on experimental animals.

On the basis of the above studies, we have cooperated with the Forestry Research and Development Institute & Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Development Joint Stock Company to bring to the market the product of pure cordyceps yolam; Research and develop “An cốt YDT” to reduce pain in cases of joint pain, sprains ... from active ingredients extracted from Spiny bitter gourd, cinnamon; producing essential oils, mouthwash, tea bags ... from medicinal herbs.

4. International cooperation activities:

In the trend of international integration, the Pharmaceutical Department has expanded and strengthened the cooperation in training and scientific research with the Netherlands, Korea, China, and Thailand in order to constantly innovate and develop.

5. Leadership information and contact



- Faculty of Pharmacy

- 9th floor, 11-storey building, Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

- Phone:  (+84) 208 3840599


Department Contact Info


9th floor, 11-storey building
Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy
284 Luong Ngoc Quyen Str.
Thai Nguyen city, Thai Nguyen Vietnam

(+84) 208 3840599