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Doctor of Philosophy in Internal Medicine
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Description of the program

The training program for Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine aims at training the scientists of high theoretical qualification and practical competency in medicine generally and in internal medicine particularly. Graduates from this program will gain a systemic scientific knowledge of medicine, independent capacity of scientific research to meet the development of science - technology and sufficient professional knowledge and skills to identify and manage health problems and diseases, and have ability to deliver lectures, make diagnosis, and manage diseases of internal medicine.

Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Internal Medicine

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine
Duration: 3 years/4 years
Program code:  9 72 01 07
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: April, September
Faculty in charge: Department of Internal Medicine

The program is a 4-year fulltime training for those who have had the Doctor Degree of Medicine and a 3-year fulltime training for those who have had the Master Degree of Medicine. Enrollment for the program is organized every February and August. There are two to five enrollees admitted for each batch.

Admission requirements

To be eligible for the program, learners must meet the following requirements:

• Having a bachelor degree or master degree

• Having one article or report related to the study field published in scientific journals or proceedings of conference or seminar within the last three years

• Having TOEFL iBT score of at least 45 or IELTS score of at least 5.0 /or having graduated from a foreign training institute with master degree (for Vietnamese applicants)

• Having Vietnamese language proficiency of at least level 4 (for foreign applicants)

• Having two year working experience in internal medicine

(Further enrollment regulations for doctoral program in the Circular No. 08/2017/TT-BGDDT dated April 4, 2017 of the Minister of Education and Training at article 5, chapter II)

Employment after completing the program

Graduates from the program can work at hospitals, research institutes or public and private health facilities. They may work with national and international researchers or participate in national or international researches. Also, they can take over the management role at health facilities of all levels.