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Doctor of Philosophy in Pediatrics

Description of the program

Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Pediatrics

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine (specialized in Pediatrics)
Duration: 3 - 4 years
Program code: 9 72 07 01
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: April, October
Faculty in charge: Department of Pediatrics

The program is a postgraduate training program for PhD students who have had Doctor Degree of Medicine at excellent grade or Master Degree in Pediatrics.  Two to three PhD students are admitted into the program each year through the entrance examination and the admission process organized by the university and Thai Nguyen University.

This program aims to train doctors of philosophy in pediatrics who have high theoretical and practical qualification, independent scientific research ability, adaptivity to increasing development of medical science and technology, professional problem-solving skill and ability to early identify and manage diseases and health problems, especially among children in northern mountainous provinces. Graduates from the program are also the doctors of medical ethics and possible to become experts in pediatrics.

After completing a 3-year doctoral program (for those having a master degree), or a 4-year doctoral program (for those having a degree of doctor) and successfully defending the PhD dissertation at the school level, PhD students will be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Medicine specialized in Pediatrics.

Employment after graduation

Graduates from the program can work for government health management agencies, at hospitals, research institutes, medical universities or colleges, medical secondary school, or Department of Pediatrics in public and private health facilities.

Next level of study: Post-Doctoral Program in Medicine