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Specialist Doctor Level II in Public Health

Description of the program

The training program for Specialist Doctor level II in Public health aims to provide learners with advanced knowledge and skills in public health.

Program: Specialist Doctor level II in Public health

Degree: Specialist Doctor level II in Public health
Duration: 2 years (100 credits)
Program code: CK 62 72 7601
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: October
Faculty in charge:  Faculty of Public health

By the end of the course, learners will be able to synthesize the knowledge of public health to serve healthcare, health protection and promotion for people, assess researches in public health, apply knowledge of typical socio-economic and culture in the mountainous areas into people’s healthcare, health protection and promotion. Besides, learners can apply teaching methods to guide colleagues in implementation of professional activities.  

Each year, The Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy enrolls 10 to 30 learners for this major.

This program lasts within 2 years with appropriate teaching methods to meet the learning outcomes. Learners will be prepared with basic science, fundamental knowledge of the specialty and professional knowledge, in which the professional knowledge normally focuses on planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health care programs, effective management of health resources, and scientific research.

Employment after completing the program

Graduates from the program can work for state health management agencies, medical universities or colleges, medical secondary school, research institutes as well as non-governmental organizations.  

Next levels of study

After completing the program, learners may continue to study the training program for Doctor of Philosophy in Public health/