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Specialist Doctor Level II in Otorhinolaryngology
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Description of the program

The training program for Specialist Doctor level II in Otorhinolaryngology helps learners to obtain the specialized knowledge of Otorhinolaryngology. To help learners to become specialist doctors level II in Otorhinolaryngology, we would like to create for our learners optimal learning conditions. Therefore, a small number of enrollees are admitted to the program each year (about six learners per year). The admitted learners must pass the entrance exam for postgraduates organized by the university.

Program: Specialist Doctor level II in Otorhinolaryngology

Degree: Specialist Doctor level II in Otorhinolaryngology
Training time: 2 years (100 credits)
Program code: CK 60 72 53 05
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: October
Faculty in charge: Faculty of Specialties

The program comprises of two main parts, theory and clinical practice which are delivered in Vietnamese. It is an advanced and learner-centered program to promote learners’ independent research ability under the supervision of professional professors. Learners have opportunities to learn about specialized knowledge of Otorhinolaryngology through the following courses: ENT emergencies, pathology of the ear, pathology of rhinosinusitis, pharyngo/laryngopathy, and Laryngology.

Theory and practice lessons are normally organized at standard practical facilities, for examples, Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Thai Nguyen National Hospital and Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Hospital of Thai University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Moreover, learners in this program can work as doctors on duty and take part in surgeries, emergency, management of emergency cases, and so on. The program also provides learners practice lessons on models and patients under the supervision of experienced clinical lecturers. 

Through the program, learners will be provided with specialized knowledge of Otorhinolaryngology which can be applied in examining, diagnosing, and treating ENT diseases as well as managing emergencies. This is important knowledge in learners’ professional practice.

To complete the program, learners have also conduct at least 01 research in ENT under the supervision of specialty professors. Through this study, learners will consolidate their scientific research skills such as selecting research problems, writing scientific articles, collecting and processing research data. These are very important skills in the professional development of learners later on.

Employment after completing the program

Upon the completion of the training program for Specialist Doctor level II in Otorhinolaryngology, learners have the opportunities to work in hospital as a specialist doctor in Otorhinolaryngology. They are also qualified to establish an ENT clinic. They may have other career opportunities such as working as a lecturer or a policy adviser in hospitals or governmental offices.

Next levels of study

After graduation, learner may continue studying to improve their qualification. They may follow specialized training courses in otorhinolaryngology surgery or study Doctor of Philosophy in Otorhinolaryngology