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Master of Preventive Medicine

Description of the program

The training program for Master of Preventive Medicine helps learners to prepare for a career in the health sector.

Program: Internal Medicine Residency

Degree: Resident Doctor of Internal Medicine
Duration: 3 years (150 credits)
Program code: 62 72 20 50
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: October
Department in charge: Department of Internal Medicine

After completing their studies, learners will apply their knowledge and skills into professional activities, have the ability to work independently, creatively, and apply research results to the implementation of prevention programs in accordance with actual conditions. They will be able to apply key knowledge of preventative medicine to people’s healthcare, health protection and health promotion;  carry out research to detect preventive medicine problems and provide accurate evidences for health managers and policymakers, identify public health problems, select and prioritize health problems and work out plan to solve prioritized health problems based on scientific evidences.

Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy enrolls 10 to 15 students annually in this major. The source of enrollees is adequate for both current and long-term enrollment, including graduates, lecturers from medical universities, secondary medical schools, hospitals, and provincial medical centres.

Employment after completing the program

After receiving the Master Degree of Preventive Medicine, they can continue their work in in preventive medicine to become a medical specialist. They can work for centers of preventive medicine, medical facilities in charge of preventive medicine, public health management agencies, universities, colleges, research institutes, and non-governmental organizations.