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Tuan Tran Van

Tuan Tran Van

Asscociate Professor
Tuan Tran Van
group 16- Phan Dinh Phung ward- Thai Nguyen City- Thai Nguyen province


International Publications

  1. Luc Tran, Tuan Tran Van, X Anton Alvarez, Hoang-Anh Le, Thinh Le, Ngoc Nguyen, Thang Nguyen, Tai Nguyen, Tan Vo, Chinh Duong, Sam Nguyen, Thanh Le, Minh Nguyen, Thang Nguyen. (2021). Clinical Efficacy of Cerebrolysin and Cerebrolysin plus Nootropics in the Treatment of Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke in Vietnam. CNS&NEUROLOGICAL DISODERS.
  2. Lien T. K. Nguyen, Tuan Tran Van, Nguyễn Công Hoàng, Binh N. Do, Dinh N. Vu, Khue M. Pham, Manh-Tan Vu, Hoang P. Le, Thao T. P. Nguyen , Quan M. Nguyen, Cuong Q. Tran , Kien T. Nguyen, Shwu-Huey Yang, Jane C.-J. Chao , Tuyen Van Duong . (2021). Physical activity, and diet quality on the relationship between comorbidity and disability among stroke patients. Nutrients, 13(1641).

National publications