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Specialist Doctor Level I in Family Medicine

Description of the program

The training program for the Specialist Doctor level 1 in Family Medicine will help to prepare learners for a career in medicine. It provides learners with the most up-to-date knowledge of family medicine-oriented healthcare and health management currently being implemented in Vietnam and developing countries in the world.

Program: Specialist Doctor level I in Family Medicine

Degree: Specialist Doctor level I in Family Medicine
Duration: 2-3 years (100 credits)
Program code: CK 60 72 35
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: October
Faculty in charge: Faculty of Specialties

Becoming a specialist doctor in family medicine takes a lot of time and effort and as a result, only a small number of learners are enrolled in this major each year. Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy enrolls 30 to 50 learners who satisfy all the requirements of the university selection process for the program annually.

This is a 3-year training program which is taught in Vietnamese.  It is a patient-centered study program that aims at providing basic, comprehensive, and continuous healthcare services for individuals, families and communities, and making contribution to strengthening the quality of primary health care and reducing hospital congestion. Through the program, learners’ profession is consolidated by accessing family medicine-oriented health management model. Group work and self-studying are the major teaching methods used in this program.  During the internship, learners will experience daily activities in a department of a district hospital, at a commune health station or at a family medicine clinic.

In short, the program learners can obtain a solid theoretical foundation and develop their academic and practical skills. Completing the training program after three years, learners can become a specialist doctor level I in family medicine.

Employment after completing the program

Upon the program completion, learners can work at commune health stations, at a family medicine clinic in district hospitals and health centers, or state health management agencies. Furthermore, they are able to carry out scientific researches on topics related to family medicine. They may have other career opportunities such as working as lecturers or policy advisors in hospitals or for the government offices