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Specialist Doctor Level I in Pediatrics

Description of the program

Program: Specialist Doctor level I in Pediatrics

Degree: Specialist Doctor level I in Pediatrics
Duration: 36 months (100 credits)
Program code: CK 60 72 16 55
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: October
Faculty in charge:  Department of Pediatrics

The training Program for Specialist doctor level I in Pediatric aims to train for well qualified pediatricians. This program is for the physicians who had a certificate of pediatric practice or certificate of practice in other medical majors but being verified by their workplaces for the profession and working experience of at least 12 months in pediatrics. Each year, 10 to 20 doctors are admitted through the results of the university's entrance exam.

The graduates from the program are those who have solid basic science knowledge, systematic pediatric knowledge, excellent practice skills, active and proficient problem-solving skill and ability to early identify and manage diseases and health problems, especially among children in northern mountainous provinces. They are also the doctors of medical ethics who can study on their own to become experts in pediatrics. Upon the completion of a 2-year or 3-year training program (credit-based program), learners are awarded with the degree of Specialist Doctor level I in Pediatrics.

Employment after graduation

Specialist Doctor level I in Pediatrics graduated from this program can work for state health management agencies, department of pediatrics in public or private health facilities, medical universities or colleges and medical secondary schools.

Next levels of study

After graduation, learners may improve their qualifications by studying the training program for Specialist doctor level II in Pediatric, Master program of Medicine or Doctor of Philosophy program in Medicine