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Specialist Doctor Level I in Psychiatry

Description of the program

The program for Specialist Doctor level I in Psychiatry provides basic and specialized knowledge and skills in psychiatry. The study program is implemented in 20 consecutive months or divided into 6 semesters in 3 years. The program mainly consists of specialized subjects with practice lessons to help learners acquire the necessary skills to become a psychiatrist. Since it takes a lot of time for the practice lessons in hospitals, only a small number of learners are enrolled each year (about fifteen doctors). The learners admitted to this program must satisfy the requirements of the university's selection process. If you are a non-Vietnamese student, you need to meet the requirement for Vietnamese language proficiency of at least level C1 and must go through the selection process applied for international students.

Program: Specialist Doctor level I in Psychiatry

Degree: Specialist Doctor level I in Psychiatry
Training time: 36 months (100 credits)
Program code: CK 60 72 22
Language of teaching: Vietnamese
Admission time: October
Faculty in charge: Faculty of Specialties

This program is a learner-centered study program that is taught in Vietnamese. Learners have to complete 20 - month fulltime studying at university. During the course, learners have opportunities to strengthen their knowledge of psychiatry based on actual patients. In lessons, learners normally discuss about clinical manifestations, diagnoses, differential diagnoses, treatment intervention for each case and spend time monitoring the progress of each case in treatment. Through these key learning activities, learners are expected to achieve necessary skills for the profession as a psychiatrist.

As being a learner in the Specialist Doctor level I in Psychiatry, they are able to obtain a sound foundation of theory and to reinforce necessary practical skills. By the end of the program, those who meet the requirements of the program will be granted the Degree of Specialist Doctor level I in Psychiatry.

Employment after completing the program

After completing the program, learners can work for psychiatric hospitals or clinics. They may become visiting lecturers for medical universities and colleges or policy advisors in hospitals or governmental offices.

Next levels of study

Graduates from the program may continue studying to become a Specialist Doctor level II in Psychiatry