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Specialist Doctor Level I in Tuberculosis

Descriptions of the program

Program: Specialist Doctor level I in Tuberculosis

Degree: Specialist Doctor level I in Tuberculosis
Training time: 36 months (100 credits)
Program code: CK 60 72 24
Language of teaching: Vietnamese
Admission time: October
Faculty in charge: Faculty of Specialties

The training program for Specialist Doctor level I in Tuberculosis helps learners who currently work or are going to work in tuberculosis and lung diseases to obtain specialized knowledge to better serve examination and disease treatment. It takes much time and effort to become an experienced physician with in-depth clinical knowledge. Through the program, we would like to prepare our learners with the optimal learning environment and specialized practical conditions.

The program is taught in Vietnamese within three years (six terms, each term lasts about three months). In the program, learners have opportunities to learn with experienced teachers and clinicians who are working at Thai Nguyen Hospital of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. The program also provides learners with lessons on specific patients to improve their professional knowledge.

In order to be eligible for this program, each learner needs to meet the following requirements: completing medical training program and / or having a Certificate of basic Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

Employment after completing the program

After completing the program and being awarded with the Degree of Specialist Doctor level I in Tuberculosis, learners may continue medical examination and treatment for people in hospital to become a medical specialist. They can also work at clinics, medical centers or family health centers, etc.  In addition, they can carry out scientific researches in their specialty.