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Basic Ophthalmology
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• Present basic knowledge of anatomy and functions of visual organs; apply them in analyzing and explaining pathological disorders in eye diseases.

Present basic knowledge about eye diseases, eye diseases related to systemic diseases and eye injuries.

• Apply knowledge learned in the course in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.


• Manipulate clinical skills that need to be done during eye exams.

• Practice clinical skills in examining, detecting, diagnosing and treating eye diseases.

• Practice eye first aid management skills.

• Have ability to advise and educate primary eye care and how to prevent eye diseases in community, and at hospitals.


• Be aware of the importance of ophthalmology and the strong relationship between eye disease and systemic diseases.

• Have a positive learning attitude and enjoy the profession.

• Have the right attitude, share and sympathize with the patients with eye diseases.

Duration: 6 months

Degree issued: Certificate

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