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Monitoring and Prevention of Covid-19
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• Present some characteristics of agents, epidemiology, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 disease.

Describe 4 rounds of isolation system.

• Analyze the investigation and surveillance activities for COVID-19

• Present the biosafety regulations in the process of collecting, packaging and transporting specimens to laboratories.

• Present the principles and measures to prevent COVID-19.

• Present how to organize COVID-19 epidemic prevention.


• Organize activities to investigate and monitor COVID-19 epidemic in community.

• Classify cases infected, suspected or exposed with SARS-CoV-2.

• Organize the diversification, collection and isolation of COVID-19 infected and suspected cases.

• Proficiently use medical protective gear to ensure biosafety and prevent COVID-19 cross-contamination.

• Organize activities to take throat and pancreatic specimens for SARS-CoV-2 tests.

• Organize and implement the preservation and transportation of the specimens for SARS-CoV-2 test to ensure biosafety.

• Organize, monitor and evaluate a communication and education activity to prevent COVID-19 through social networks.


• Be aware of the importance of the epidemiological investigation and surveillance of COVID-19.

• Be aware of the importance of measures for biosecurity and cross-contamination prevention against COVID-19.

• Be aware of the role of collecting, transporting, and preserving specimens to the results of COVID-19 tests.

• Have right attitude towards patients suspected COVID-19 in the process of patient classification and caring.

• Be aware of the importance of organizing, monitoring and evaluating COVID-19 prevention activities.

Duration: 24 teaching hours

Degree issued: Certificate

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