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Infection Control
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• Present infection control programmes at hospitals.

Understand the methods of prevention, isolation, transmission prevention for special subjects and health workers.

• Understand the prevention measures of infection by the ways of transmission and specialities.

• Present the techniques for disinfection- sterilization of medical instruments and hospital sanitation.

• Present the methods and steps to monitor hospital infection.

• Present of influencing factors and measures to ensure food safety


• Perform techniques of hand hygiene and monitoring skills of hand hygiene compliance.

• Perform techniques of using gloves and personal protective equipment.

• Carry out safe injection, prevent and handle occupational accidents caused by sharp objects.

• Control the management of fabrics and medical waste.

• Perform measures for prevention of wound infections, hospital pneumonia, sepsis, and urinary infections.

• Implement measures for infection prevention at Intensive Care Unit, Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Outpatient Department, Obstetrics Department, Pediatrics Department, Kidney Dialysis Department, Nutrition Department.

• Perform the disinfection and sterilization techniques of medical instruments and fabrics.

• Carry out sanitation in hospital environment.

• Implement measures for food safety in hospitals

• Implement the inspection and supervision of infection control in hospitals.

• Implement the supervision of the microbiological environment at hospitals, patient's rooms and operating rooms.

The level of autonomy and responsibility:

• Be aware of the importance of infection control in hospitals.

• Have serious attitude, a conciousness of compliance and responsibility, and a positive behavior in implementing infection control.

• Actively collect and continuously update new information on infection control.

Duration: 3 months

Degree issued: Certificate

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